Mind and Body

Barely three weeks into the program, the Morning Pages have already become the anchor of my days. I feel at loss if I wake up in the mornings and not move toward writing them. I feel calmer, more confident, knowing exactly what I want. In a way I repeat over and over again to myself everyday of my direction, though all I did was put down my thoughts, all of them gravitate toward materializing (even just into words to myself) my deeper instincts.

This is what I wanted of Higher Creativity, the state of my mind. Nothing has to be presented, not in composing, not in painting not in any form of art. They become something more like a pass-time, a by product if you will, of where my mind is. Is this true art? Art that comes from within and not without, art that is the expressive part of it all. It certainly is to me, art is a lesser form of a higher state of being, is a ‘do’, rather than the ‘is’.

Like a conversation, art when we ‘utter’ our thoughts, we connect. Or else, to me at least, art is simply an act of self amusement. If I am confident deep within, if I know where I am and where I am going, the need to communicate to another person, somehow lessens. Only when I exert physically, sweat, push the limits of my muscular strength, does the urge to share the joy, the exhilaration resurface. So Julia Cameron is right, look after your soul, but look after your physical self too, put everything together, there is a vibrancy and vitality never before.




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