Artist’s Walks

So walk I did, even on this gloomy day.  I was glad I did, for the gentle walk spurred my blood, and it in turn cleared the dark cloud presiding in my mind.  Somehow in the still of the green depth, amongst the dark twisting boughs, I enjoyed hearing the solitary crunch of my feet on the gravel, noting the disarray of the autumn leaves strewn, very different from my almost Spartan abode.  I needed absolute neatness and minimal furnishings to feel at peace again.  This way in my daily peripheral vision, my life is organized, calm and still, there were no loose ends that I needed to busy myself in.  Yet though it gave serenity, it was without excitement, and a walk in the woods was like a gift.

Layers of multitude shades of green and jade shielded me from eyes, I was liberated from some unknown constriction.  I did not understand it, for I liked my little dwelling, I liked the closeness of the life in the apartments, how every little sound was conveyed through the intricacies of the wooden construction, I felt intimately surrounded by people, yet in complete solitude within my own apartment.

I miss familiar friendliness though, people pass by one another without so much as a look or smile.  I love to look into people’s eyes and exchange friendliness, it was suffice for all the years I had been living without an active social life.  But now I have the leisure to look onto the evening joggers, wearing earphones and intent looks, they transpire inner strength and solitary enjoyment to me, which inspires me, ignites a sensation akin to passion in me.  I felt an intrinsic urge to do something, to attempt to achieve something, to meet up with a challenge of some sort.

A feeling of harmony and synchronicity with my surrounding is attained when I took my first stride, and it never felt better.




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