Fantasy Vacation

I would like to have a grand vacation away from myself, and experience for once an extrovert, standing without phobia in a luxurious party held in the heavens with magnificent golden pillars, and huge billowy white clouds arising from all round, disguising no dark corners. Morning stars glitter like diamonds and I glide among hundreds of beautiful friends I know by heart, conversing at ease on just about everything. The shimmering amber liquid we hold in our hands is light and airy, toasting happiness and laughter all on its own. The garden of heavens is sprinkled with blue shades of fairy butterflies, with cascades of crystal fountains. Mystic sparkles dart like clear rainbows everywhere. I hear my heart sing in its distinctive soaring tone, meeting the heavens while my speech flowed effortlessly like music, swirling around elegantly covered feet. I need not speak, I need not utter words, I could hear through my being feelings and blissful thoughts dispersed throughout, much like the way others perceive my thoughts through the flitting dream birds, there is pure joy.

Hesitation? Listlessness? Melancholy? Fretfulness? They are out of my consciousness, they are vocabulary of the past, nothing but smooth fluidity is rolling splendidly down the hill. See Thunder appear in person, he is clad magnificently, astoundingly compelling; see Spring trickle in with her delight, she permeates the atmosphere. There is no need to hold anything in, affection is abundant, sensations are liberated.

I cannot come up with a better vacation, if I were to take a closer look at where I want to be, or should I say where I can be? After all, believing is the first step to accomplishing dreams! Thank you Chris for giving us the opportunity to dream away!

Introverts Blog Quietly Challenge: 61musings



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