Happiness in the past seemed to be easy, sudden, spontaneous, more sprung on as a surprise than meditated; an unexpected picnic or trip, a granted wish of a much longed for toy, a visit of a friend with their parents, a simple game that you best others in. Happiness seemed to last forever, stretching on for days on end, waking up with excitement, waiting for all to happen, and at the end of the day lay down with a blissful sigh of having spent such a day.

Happiness in the future seems more to be of the memory, moments reflecting a life well spent, of times filled with laughter and gaiety, of children now grown, of achievements now reaping. You would look back at the house that you gave so much love and energy planning and decorating, the house that you had to reluctantly vacate because all your children had left to have a family of their own. The job that you did yourself proud of is also left behind, the dream that you fought for and followed since the day you graduated from school, the fight, the striving, and the glory of it all. Looking back at it would bring much mirth, satisfaction and a certain sense of pride.

It is the now that we are mostly trapped in, what is happiness when you cannot yet telescope it with time, what is happiness when it seems so brief and expected? Every ambition is dutifully planned and pursued, so that when the time is to harvest, we already know when and how much to expect of what we sowed. Where would we attain that sudden lightness of heart, that uncontrived burst of laughter, that expectant glow?

I gave it much thought, and I guess it is that we cannot describe happiness in just one word anymore. We would break it down into, for example, contentment, to express happiness in the realm of the calm and of the peaceful; pleasure, to attempt to likewise extend our feelings to the others around us; bliss, perhaps to demonstrate the delicacy of the food we were offered to taste at the moment; or delight, in the articulation of our feelings upon receiving.

All of these little moments gathered and pasted together, bidding time to be life’s editor, I believe there is happiness, great happiness to be reaped altogether in the end.

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