In the Greens

Through the shades and hues of the forest trees
The pines, the maples, the blue spruces
Deeper and deeper into the summer greens
I still see the stark yet mellow fields of the North
White aspen barks reaching into the wildest blues
Oh how the birds rejoice in my gardens!
Chirping and dancing in the morning air
The lonesome boughs yet beckon from the past
With the mildest sun on their shoulders
Weaving a quietness of solitude
The long cool summer days to this busy blossom bursts
My heart takes flight unawares
There’s the burr of the hummingbirds
The chickadee, the dove, the woodpeckers
The squirrels sunbathed with me in this bliss
Oh silent tree of the North!
Oh endless fields from afar!
I frame thee with thine brother here South
Cherish in my bosom our memories so dear
In the warm breeze I shall see your carefree spirit
Roaming in my new found joy
In my repose I shall always see
Your untamed flame wild in my softest dreams


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