Dreams and Goals

The reason I joined Blogging 201 is not because I wanted to obtain readers, though it may be one of the more obscure reasons.  I had imagined blogging to be readings and readers to somehow gather, who are of the same calibre and interests without going through the pains of assembling and sifting through followers.  I envisioned blogging to be a rush of sharing first thing in the morning, with eyes barely open, before changing out of pyjamas, even before first cups of coffee.  What have you to say to your fellow bloggers, friends, soul mates before you are awake?  Your dreams last night, your plans of the day, your visions for the rest of your life?

If to summarize were I to have the faintest idea of blogging, I know I want to write, to put down in words that I savour in the moment of writing, the kind of life I would like to live out, be it yesterday, today or tomorrow; I want to be creative in everything I do this day, be it mundane or inventive of the chores I meet per day; I want to aggregate a life worth living and even more so worth relishing on looking back.

A perfect blog, would be one customized to the microscopic detail of my whims in its colours, looks and feel.  Traffic and followers would be nominal but to draw potential soul mates.  If community is an absolute necessity, as I have yet to imagine, as I have fellow bloggers of the same vision as soul mates, I guess they would eventually evolve into real life friends, in which we would journey in this surreal world we improvised of the real life we lived in.

I shall try to blog as often as can be, to liven up the inner self, wherever life takes me to, idealistically one per day with the help of Blogging 201, but realistically once every two to three days.  I shall try to spend an hour per day reading other blogs, and I shall further attempt in the near future, to come up with weekly features.  Behold!  A bright new reinvented days are at hand!


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