Satiated Expression

I believe I have established a well balanced weekly calendar that I could easily adhere to, thanks to Blogging 201, though it has not been a week since I started this practice.  Already, I experienced my ups and downs in these sparse meagre days, especially in the despised “not wanting to post but had to post” bout.  Luckily, I scheduled it wordless, yet picturesque.  Through the lenses of the nonverbal, I was able to study the object quietly and at length, without in the least, interrupt the air that engulfed around us.  The cumbersome affection softened within this prolonged yet brief episode, and I was able to proceed to compose and present my piece of the day.

In this way, I have sought and embraced my renewed endeavour in expressing myself, as an introvert, with a language comfortable to myself of the day, even of the moment.  I have found substantial satisfaction in enabling my desire to communicate my often intangible thoughts, be them in words or in pictures; I have found that the often discounted minutes of my days were successfully transformed into meaningful moments, in actively drawing, taking in my surroundings to take a photograph, or in sitting myself down and consciously engage a language, to depict my feelings or my thoughts.

My life is suddenly noteworthy and every blank moment can be transcribed as a space in a typography, or a devoted time in contribution to creativity.  The double days dedicated to wordless drawing and photography is phenomenal in my schedule, as I find I easily become overwhelmed and thus claustrophobic by all the half formed vocabulary and sentences that gather, unconsciously, over the days and nights that I mull over them.  I was able to withdraw from every obligation and simply in tranquil, appreciate the life and surroundings I am blessed with.

The only drawback is that my nights, specifically the times before I fall asleep, are filled with indefinite agonizing wakefulness.  My mind seem to overwork when my eyes are not preoccupied with images to process, they fall infallibly unconscious at the incredulity of absolute darkness, compelled blankness and infinite waiting.  Perhaps I have yet to tweak with the frequency of my blogging and posting, but for the last week, I was indefinitely satiated with the scheduled calendar I purposed myself toward.


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