A Week

Although I am more artistically inclined, the thought of getting down to scrupulous work still perks me up.  Mondays are never blue to me if I can focus on the work that is waiting to be combed through and not the fact that I have to arrive at work and attempt to wade through work with all the distractions of having to appropriately deal with coworkers, without appearing to be unfriendly and rude, that is part of the downside of being an introvert.  Generally however, I enjoy the company of people and the hum in general, if I can be left to my own thoughts and devices.

With months of work backed up on me, I cannot be thankful enough that getting to the age of not able to physically move as fast as I wished does not extend to brain power and finger action, I do not have to will myself to straighten up in a speed more than my back and abdominal muscles would allow, though I love the fact that I am forced to take things at a microscopic pace, that I notice the sun streaming through the windows, the clarity of the water gushing out of the faucets, the beauty of the curve of the mug in my hands.

So to work, hey-ho!  At the end of the day I can look forward to majestic sunsets, hot meals and delicious baths, what better in life but what life has to offer!


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