The fragrance of the cottage lingers

Of the aspens scattering their golden whispers

A rhythm from the path of autumn

Singing heavens within a heart so solemn

So tread true voyagers, for the charm withers


Here is my attempt in fulfilling Blogging 201 in Poetry : limerick & alliteration, and my own weekly Tuesday theme.  I have an infatuation in pictures, whether in picturing of the mind or having pictures pictured into a tangible picture (dose of alliteration apparently too intoxicating), so in this journey I tried to put together a picture of a physical journey, and a picture, as in depicting, of the journey.


12 thoughts on “Journey

  1. I found you after you kindly praised my attempts. I love the picture you conjure of the cottage amongst the aspens. So evocative! A lovely image to take to my slumbers. Thanks!

    1. It IS confusing isn’t it, trying to find the person with only the Gravatar, but thank you for your comment on my poem, you have a good night!

  2. Lovely! I like how you’ve played with the form a little bit, and the tone is also a lot more delicate in nature than a regular limerick. I thought this was beautiful 🙂

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