Bleakly and darkly the spirits lean heavily against a mast so cold

Horns of the ships from afar echoes and throbs in his heart

Nothing to trust for your faith is but faded horizon he is told

Risen, more hidden, the sun shadows and greys in its light


What of the air did arouse in his bosom this feeling so noble?

But with an eye that in hope sees out the cloud that doth fool


It is hard to believe that it has already been a week, five days, since the beginning of Blogging 201 on Poetry, I have enjoyed it immensely, not so much that I write poetry exceptionally well, more so that I follow its prompts, form and devices faithfully, so each and every day I face a challenge I had to somehow overcome.  Working round the schedule that I had and tweaking with the time I could spend on each poem was not too easy as well, but despite the toil, writing a poem each day eventually became something fun and something to eagerly look forward to everyday.

With all this put together, I cannot be happier with each poem I produce, and this piece here, is surprisingly difficult too in the rhyming pattern we had to adhere to (elegiac couplet), and yet more the unfortunate, I found the harder version on the internet.  Nevertheless, this form coupled with elegy and metaphor, is what I came up with for today.


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