Golden locks lie quietly in my mind

Glistening mirth with the goddess of time

What in those leafs of the divine

Do I hear laughter in the rhyme!


More giggles trickled into the clock

Infatuation sat cheerfully in the hay

How like ladies we did walk and feign


Down the pages were brown, more black locks

What fun lies in the drawer today

If those years were here to return again


We used to cut our hair and kept it on a page for fun, when I saw those locks, memories came rushing in.  Years down the lane, the fun we had then seemed to be locked away, thus this take in Blogging 201 in Poetry in the form of Ode and apostrophe.   I don’t know about others, but I seem to be having a rather difficult time picking up poetry again this week, but there is only a few days left when you come to think of it, so I decided still to give it a go, hopefully perseverance will see me through!


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