I can’t say I’ve had more fun with poetry in this Blogging 201 in Poetry on found poetry and enumeratio!  Maybe scissors and paper and ‘doing’ is my thing, but simply holding the pages and hearing the sound of a pair of scissors cutting through, brought a sense of inconceivable joy.  What a difference from the austere forms we were put through the course!  I looked up on two magazines for its fifth word on a page, and also the fifth word from a page of a novel.  I had immense fun playing with the words I was given to the way I liked it in sound and in content.  Now if only WordPress would provide everyday prompts for miniature arts and crafts, happiness would just flow from us!


4 thoughts on “Landscape

  1. I have liked this assignment best of all too. Also similar to you I cut out a lot of words. Chose much different words for mine….and really like your choices and arrangement too.

    1. Why thank you! Blogging U. at WordPress here with their assignments are really flexible, giving all creative hearts room to roam, so rest assured, you’re not “cheating”

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