Let tomorrow be all summer

Long respites in a thousand blooms

Know not whose temperance looms

Did songbirds visit your gilted slumber?


Ride on the swiftest mare

Glide on the most desolate decline

For it is battle field in the design

Calling for metres of the fair


Harp by the rivulet of season

Dance, feast, light nightcastles up

Muse in her lightest kiss is nigh to sow


That all July pronounce Eden

Pour nectars into spilling cup

Let O, all summer be thy tomorrow

I have really enjoyed Blogging 201 on Poetry, it successfully intrigued and had creativity flowing with the variety it introduced, everyday there was something different and something to look forward to.  At times it was truly fun, yet at times it was challenging.  Each poem had so little time to be conducted, that which had me flustered like a ruffled hen.  I felt inspired, but incredibly rushed to have something produced for the day.  I have to admit though, that I have a habit of ‘hanging my creations on the wall’ and edit it until I feel I have done all that I can on it, and these assignments left me literally breathless.  But that is precisely where the excitement lies, and I cannot have achieved that on my own.

Despite it only lasted two weeks, there were my ups and downs, excitement and joys, enough that I know I would miss it come tomorrow.  But tomorrow, tomorrow is always full of hope and expectation, tomorrow I shall always be another me, all over again, waiting for what is to come.  So a toast to Blogging 201 on Poetry: sonnet, chiasmus, to tomorrow and to me.


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