Paths and roads connect


At the first look, without any reasons, this picture just spelt ‘connect’ to me.  I have no inkling why.

But if you get down to it, if LinkedIn can be thought of as connected, everything is connected, from the physical linking of nuts and bolts to pipes, to the sky and land even if they do not touch.  These paths meet to connect people to work, to connect them from one building to another.


Transit systems connect, rods and steel connect one another to form symbols and towers


I thought I should attempt at patterns and object photographing instead of my preferred scenic takes today.  This is the symbol of our trains and bus transit system, connecting towns and cities.  The rounded bicycle shape contrasts interestingly with the intricate criss-crosses of the hydro system.


5 thoughts on “Connect

  1. “The truth, the first truth, is probably that we are all connected…watching one another…even the trees. ” Arthur Miller

    When I read your words and looked at your photos I thought of this quote which I have embraced for years.

    You nailed connection. Which is my Grand-kids way of saying you got it right!

  2. I like the way you have interpreted the ‘connect’ I think doing this course is very helpful because we get to see things from so many different angles adding to the richness of sharing ideas. Thank you very much.

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