I Became

Reflection Friday

I have found myself to be resourceful, instead of the image I used to look at myself: how I was interested in everything, but not excelling in any.  I can immerse myself in these spells of exhilaration in every direction that is able to express, and exhaust my sudden urge in creating something; I am now deeply satisfied that any of the arts could satisfy my needs, that I can, indeed, feel joy in every interest I devote myself to, expending the passion I am possessed in.  Isn’t that what art and being inspired is all about?  The passion and the expressing of it?  Being understood or appreciated by others is totally something other than the simple act of being at the moment and being able to do something about it.

I have found that shifting paradigm is the key.  To take on a different path with the intent of being skeptical is not a paradigm shift; if a paradigm, is what I used to possess anyway, then shifting to another paradigm is just that, nothing really changes, just the view is different.  When the view is different, everything is different.

That is how I became a brand new, refreshed, reborn, an unwavering believer of our Almighty Lord, from stepping from a non believer paradigm, to a full believer paradigm.  There is no wrong, no right, just a simple matter of shifting from seat number 23 to 24 as in a movie theater.  But it changed my view, and miraculously, my life from thence on.

Even if I fell out of this paradigm (which I know for a fact that I would not), I would still regard this trip as a joyful and heavenly one.  So why not give it a try?  Wholly and totally believe, even if with a just to give it a total experience try set of mind.  Allow the wise, the pastor, the God chosen to lead you step by step, wholly trust in every word you hear, let their logic take over your wiped blank page, and not gather on your own within yourself like so many do.

Instead of trying in futile to figure out, God, with millions of his faithful loving disciples on earth, has already spoken many.


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